D2 Activities: Starting September with a Bang

Another month, another activity in store for Durian Square’s Junior Creators. They had fun in an activity that is all about circuits. The activity is an integration of the learning from circuit lessons and making something out of it. They did mind mapping at first to be able to gauge their ideas and unleash their learning juices. They completed the whole Circuit Activity, they made their table lamps and lamp posts. They taped the wires, placed in batteries, design, built, and decorated their personalized table lamps and lamp post.


On top of that, D2 is also going out and is offering a 3-day September Holiday Workshop where the participants will have a chance to build, programme, and code JIMU Robot and compete in a mini soccer game. D2 will be giving away workshop certificates and prizes for the winners of the mini soccer game. 


September has just started so keep updated and follow them on their social media accounts for more exciting activities and workshops from D2!


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