D2 Junior Creator: Magnetism Workshop

Learning is always fun when you incorporate it with play. Durian Square gave another exciting workshop about magnetism for their Junior Creators. In the said workshop, students were able to identify non-magnetic and magnetic objects in an exciting and interactive activity. 


D2’s Junior Creators performed a series of activities in relation with Magnetism. One of these activities is the fishing activity to identify the magnetic from non-magnetic objects that was mixed in a bin with water using an improvised fishing rod that has a magnet attached at the end of the string. Aside from that, the Junior Creators were put into test in making their magnetic seesaw where they saw how the magnets works and how it repels and attracts. The magnetic seesaw was made out of Popsicle sticks. Art were also incorporated in this activity because they didn’t just assemble it but they also put unique and special touches to it by designing their own magnetic seesaw creation. They also did other activities where they learned about the poles of the magnet.

Junior Creators in Action:

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