Make A Vision Board About Your Personal Growth

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Who do you want to become when you’re as tall as your parent, teacher, or older sibling? If you’re an adult, the same question – who do you want to become in the near future?

All of us want to pursue some goals and the kind of life we like. It could be to do well at school, have a good career, be a good parent, help people, and others.

Yet, life gives us challenges along the way. Many times, we need to attain personal growth to deal with those challenges. That is why the “growth mindset” is important.

But who says having a growth mindset is boring? There are many ways we can be creative about it!

One is to make a creative vision board that celebrates the growth mindset. We will teach you about that in this article. This is probably one of the most fun growth mindset activities for kids.

What is a Growth Mindset?

But what is a growth mindset? It is solving problems while knowing we always have room for growth.

The results of what we do may not always be perfect. For example, there are times we can’t solve a Math problem immediately. But that doesn’t mean we should stop trying.

Instead of saying, “I am not good at this!”, you can say, “I am not good at this yet but I can learn!”

mistakes are okay for kids

This can be applied to whatever it is you want to do or want to complete doing.

Practice Helps You Grow!

Name one to two things you want to do now. For example, maybe you want to become a better painter.

Or maybe you want to become both a better baker and a better speaker.

kid tries to bake

For these goals, don’t be afraid to practice! You may not get a good outcome right away. The cupcake you baked may not be the best-tasting. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try again if baking is something you love to do.

Instead of saying “This is bad!” Say, “This is good because I now know that next time, I won’t use too much flour in the cupcake!”

The Growth Mindset Applies to Every Aspect of Your Life

The growth mindset also helps you deal with other people well.

It can help you become happy or understanding when building relationships with your family, friends, teachers, coworkers, and more.

To care for the people you meet, you need the right mindset. Sometimes, others make mistakes, just like we do. It can be tough to deal with such situations.

Yet, it’s our growth mindset that lets us learn from our failures and improve as we get older. This is even if life isn’t always perfect.

Make A Vision Board About Your Growth

Now the fun part! You can create a picture of what your growth would look like!

Here are the steps in creating the vision board:

make a vision board

  1. Draw or list the things that remind you of the personal growth you want to have.

It can be anything under the sun. (You can cut out pictures from the magazine if you’re an adult or have an adult supervising you.)

For example, you can draw a vegetable if it reminds you to become a healthy eater. You can draw your dog if it reminds you to become a better pet owner.

The important thing is that you pick your favorite things.

2. After choosing the things to include, you can now make your vision board! Organize the items on your board.

Prettify that vision board! Organize the pictures any way you like!

If you like, you can choose a theme when it comes to the board’s color or art style.

vision board

goals 2020 kids

3. Write a label next to each item on the vision board.

For example, you can write “be a healthy eater” right next to your drawing of a nutritious fruit.

4. You can also write a title somewhere on your vision board.

For example, you can put a big text saying, “My Goals in 2020”

Including text in your vision board is optional. If you like to put pictures only, that is up to you.

vision goals

You can make the vision board’s texts have the size and style that you want.

Now, do you realize how valuable a growth mindset is for you? Possess a growth mindset to overcome life’s challenges.

Your vision board serves an inspirational reminder for your growth mindset. Parents and teachers can teach younger kids how to do this constructive activity.

If you like, you can do this activity every year!

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