Most Popular Lessons in an Art Class for Kids

paper art

An art class for kids has popular lessons that may look simple at first but are actually great starting grounds for budding artists!

The most common art lessons just need art materials that are easy to access. These could be activities that only explore the fundamentals so as not to overwhelm the kids.

The following activities here might be a walk down your memory lane.

Painting Using Watercolor or Poster Paint


This is one of the most favorite art activities of young and old alike. Kids’ art lessons usually require poster paint, watercolor, or any other type of paint that is kid-friendly.

A great thing about painting is you can do it on different surfaces (e.g. paper, egg, cloth, etc.) and combine it with other art techniques (e.g. crayon resist art) to make the outcome beautiful. This is as long as you use the right type of paint for the object that you’ll work on.

Sculpting Using Modelling Clay


Here is a kid’s chance to exercise his or her sculpting skills! Authority-approved clays are expected to be safe for kids. These include popular brands like Play-Doh (modeling clay) and Crayola (air-dry clay).

Using clay lets the kids train their hand and eye coordination as they try to mold the clay into something they like. There are different themes that art lessons can explore when it comes to clay. Examples are food, jewelry, dolls or action figures, buildings, and more.

Coloring Using Crayons


Crayons are probably the first art materials that most of us were allowed to handle when we were young. This is understandable, as crayons are cheap, not messy, and do not involve any sharp materials. They are quite convenient for kids’ art classes.

Some lessons involving crayons include illustration exercises, etching, melted crayon paintings, and others. As art enthusiasts grow, they may prefer more refined art materials such as oil pastels.

Drawing and Outlining Using Colored Pens

colored pens

Colored pens or markers are another favorite of illustrators. They provide a smooth finish when it comes to coloring. The colors easily remind us of our favorite cartoons.

Markers’ tips range from fine to broad ones. Another very nice thing about markers is that unusual colors like metallic, neon, and glitter are also available.

Folding and Cutting Paper

paper art

There are many beautiful things we can make out of paper. We can fold, cut, tear, or adorn it to make any art we can think of.

Even architecture students use papers and cardboards to make building models! An art class for kids, meanwhile, would explore crafts like origami, paper mache, and cutouts.

Forming a Collage


A collage involves the collection of various materials to form into one artwork. These materials could be anything that is possible to include in the collage. Popular ones are glitters, stickers, washi tapes, flowers and leaves, and more.

A collage could also just be paper where it consists of pictures from different sources like magazines, newspapers, art papers, and others. Crafts like scrapbooks, vision boards, and mood boards pretty much apply the collage technique.

Drawing Using Color Pencils, Chalk, or Other Materials


There are many drawing materials available out there that art classes for kids use. Color pencils are handy when it comes to sketching. Chalk is fun to use when it comes to shading and blending colors.

Techniques vary depending on the drawing materials’ blending characteristics and solubility.

Just seeing these materials makes us feel how fun it is to be in an art class for kids! Beyond the activities that kids can do is the art subject’s benefits. The teachers can guide the kids when it comes to art methods, inspiration, communication, and personal values that might be incorporated in the lesson.

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