Resin Art Workshop: First D2 Designed Creation Finish Product Sold in Garden by The Bay Booth!

Durian Square is a learning center that specializes in STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics) Education. It’s a new learning center but they are offering promising programs and workshops that are fun filled, educational, and unique. They recently conducted a series of workshops, one of it is Resin Arts Workshop, together with their Intermediate Creators. Their finished crafts was successfully sold in Garden by The Bay Booth.

The young creators were given a step by step instructions but the activity requires them to choose their own shapes, design, color, and type of accessory. They also sketched and planned ahead on what design they would like to create. This activity aimed to help children enhance their creative thinking and decision making skills as well as honing their confidence by seeing their plan and imagination comes to life.

D2 offers this workshop
(Resin Art Workshop) for just $35, definitely a good deal that is worth grabbing and trying for the young ones. They also offer a lot more! For more information about their recent and upcoming workshops and camps, follow them on their social media accounts or visit their website by clicking the links below:

Here are some of the photos taken during the actual activity:

Design Planning

Choosing Colors and Moulds

Actual Making - decorating, mixing, designing

Finish Products

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