The world is constantly changing including the education system to cater the needs of the students based on the demands of the society. The 21st century education system has been constantly evolving from STEM to STEAM and eventually to STREAM. Development of education system is needed to be able to prepare young learners for innovation in technology.

What is STREAM?

The STREAM education promotes 21st century skills, which includes collaboration, communication, creativity and critical thinking. It is a comprehensive, unique and holistic educational approach that integrates Science, Technology, Reading, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics (S.T.E.A.M) into the teaching and learning process. This approach allows the students to apply their learning in real life situations. It aims to hone student to become equipped as future leaders and critical thinkers.

STEM, STEAM, and STREAM in Basic Comparison

STEM is basically the integration of Science, Technology, English, and Math. STEAM is the integration of STEM with an addition of A, which is Art. STREAM is the integration of STEAM with and addition of R: Reading and wRiting, in the belief that students should have literacy to be able to communicate effectively which is an important aspect of human interactions. Thus, adding these skillset to the existing STEAM education system.

Not all are convinced with the addition of Art, Reading, and wRiting because for some it’s just an added irrelevant load to the main objective of STEM. Regardless, many still supports and predicts success of this approach for it allows students to enjoy the learning process which is really important and an effective strategy for better retention.

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